Lesson That Taught Love by [Tomas, G.L.]

Following in his father’s footsteps, it’s been ages since Kit “Lucky” Parrish left his small town of Wheelwright, Kentucky to serve his country.

Nine years of triumph haven’t come without life-altering tours of loss, as Kit returns a different man. Determined to adjust to civilian life while coming to terms with past demons won’t be easy, but when he becomes captivated with an old classmate, his motivation changes for the better.

If only the beautiful and intelligent Rebecca “Beck” Dobson, a girl he’d never known, wasn’t plagued with her own grief and untold secrets.

Is love enough to heal them from their pain-stricken pasts?

The story begins as Kit–a former womanizer turned war hero– returns to town.  Though his days of chasing women are long gone, he has a new form of “trouble” in his life. Due to an accident during his tour of duty, he now suffers from PTSD and has lost most of the hearing in his left ear.

Rebecca is the smart girl he ignored in high school. After an incident made her leave college (this is my assumption, it was never made clear in the book) she returns to their small town and takes up work at the local diner.

The two meet at a BBQ– my favorite scene in the novel. I loved that Rebecca carried books in her bag to read when she got bored. It was while reading that Kit happens upon her. What follows is a nice, chemistry laden meeting in which they discuss why their paths never crossed before. I was excited to continue the read and find out how these two emotionally damaged individuals would let down their guards and come together. I zipped through the pages, reading everyday until suddenly I’d skip a day, then two, then five because I realized nothing was happening. Nothing.

It was literally chapter after chapter of no tension, no action, but most importantly no chemistry. Each time Kit and Rebecca met, it was like old friends meeting and shooting the breeze. There was hardly any mention of how they made each other feel, be it verbally stated or shown through their actions.

From the synopsis, we know that the female character has suffered some form of abuse. I expected to find out what happened to her, but though she mentions it vaguely, though it stymies her first sexual encounter with the hero, she never says what actually happened.

The abuse–as well as Kit’s reputation as a ladies man– is used as the reason Rebecca decides to take things slow. This is fine except when she said slow, I didn’t think it meant as slow as {insert every euphemism, idiom, cliché for “slow”}. Chapter 10 arrives and they still haven’t gone on a date, nor do they know that much about each other.  When said date finally happens, Rebecca thinks more about what she’s going to wear than of how going out with him makes her feel.

There is one major event that could have really turned everything around, but it’s handled rather quickly and blandly.

This book also suffered from the “Magic Penis Syndrome” aka sex that’s so good it turns the previously skiddish/abused person into a sex maniac. Rebecca reasons that the abuse she suffered is why she makes Kit wait for sex. It’s even the thing that thwarts their first sexual encounter. This does not hold though, because the next time they have sex—without really discussing her issues—she’s all in and over the top; zero apprehension, zero thoughts of the abuse and borderline porn star. Again, this is all fine and good—except it wasn’t believable in this situation.

“Lesson that Taught Love” wasn’t terrible. It read as a descent first draft in need of major editing. The characters had potential, but the slow pace,  and lack of emotions kind of zapped all the energy from the book. It is for these reasons that I cannot recommend a read.

G.L. Tomas is a twin writing duo and lover of all things blerdy, fearless and fun. When they’re not spending their time crafting swoon-worthy heroes, they’re battling alien forces in other worlds, but occasionally take days off in search of mom and pop spots that make amazing pasteles, tostones, and  fried to perfection.

They also host salsa lessons and book boyfriend auditions in their secret headquarters located in Connecticut.

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