Pretty Perfect Writing Contest

In celebration of this month’s featured author, Lana Sky, we’re excited to announce our first writing contest!

Read on for entry details!

Perfection. It is an illusion that twenty-year-old Anya DeSotto strives to maintain.
The perfect ballerina.
The perfect daughter.
The perfect liar.
Everyone else seems fooled by the charade—but Anya isn’t prepared for the moment her perfect mask is cracked in half by someone much more adept at the art of pretending.
Nearly two decades her senior, Revend Marcus, the owner of a prestigious international ballet company, has no problem with breaking Anya down to suit his own twisted idea of perfection. But when a shadow from Revend’s past looms over their futures, and Anya’s insecurities push their relationship to a violent crescendo, the resulting chaos threatens to destroy them both.
Though, sometimes, even destruction can be pretty perfect.


1. Based on the synopsis above, write a 450-500 word scene in which the characters mentioned meet for the first time.  The scene must be EXACTLY  between 450-500 words. No more, no less.

2. The scene MUST feature the characters listed.

3. Submit your entry by 12am (Eastern) on July 31st


– A copy of “Pretty Perfect”

– A copy of my favorite book on the craft of writing, “On Writing” by Stephen King

– A five chapter edit of one of your novels, and writing coach session with ValeriBeatrix

– Your contest entry published on The Selfie Review


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