Review Policy



We currently accept the following genres/sub-genres:

  • Romance
  • Mystery/Thriller and Cozy Mysteries
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy/Adventure
  • Christian
  • Women’s Lit.

All titles must fall within the category of Adult, New Adult, or Young Adult.  We do not accept novels with overly abusive themes.If you’re unsure about where your book resides, please mention this when you fill out the form and we’ll contact you for further discussion. We will not review genres outside of those listed above. We do not accept non-fiction, self-help, or poetry.


We love paperbacks, but will also accept:

  • Epub
  • Kindle/mobi
  • PDF


All reviews will be posted to the following sites:

  • The Selfie Review
  • Goodreads
  • Facebook
  • Amazon, where possible.

Our goal is to give honest, quality reviews to all submissions, while also presenting readers with the best novels. To do this, we will rate books on a scale from 3-5 stars. Should a submission fall below our scale, it will be posted with the caveat, “not recommended“. If a reviewer is unable to finish a book, the review will be posted as “DNF”- did not finish. All submitted works must be self-published.

To maintain quality control and timely reviews, we ask that all submitted works have a word count no greater than 125k words.


*A self-published book is one that is published independently and at the author’s expense.  Novels published via Wattpad, Radish or any such site may be accepted at our discretion. 



2 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. dalecameronlowry says:

    Hi there! I love the idea behind this site.

    I see that you accept romance for review. Does that include LGBT romance? Thanks.


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